Friday, April 27, 2012

Late Rural Thursday post

     Not much going on today.  Was spending the morning playing my game on FB and now going to vacuum the den and get ready for Preston this afternoon.  Had my routine Dr.'s appointment yesterday and all the labs came back looking great.  So no return for 3 months.  I was also pleased to see I have lost over 30lbs since my last visit, so cutting back on the calories is working.  I really hope it continues to work. 
     I missed my Rural Thursday entry yesterday.  With my doctor's appt. I got busy and didn't even get on the pc.  So will add it today.  Below is a picture of a big part of what Oklahoma is all about.  I'm sure you can easily guess what it is by looking at it. *smiles*

     Yep it's an oil well rig.  We had two wells on our property, but the water well that was dug to increase the oil production is now on the northside of the farm and belongs to our northern neighbor.  The oil well on this side is just below our house.  The pump is on a timer now so does not constantly pump oil as it use to.  The money earned of course goes to JD's parents and they will I am sure divide the dividends somehow when they both have passed away.  But at one time you could see oil digging rigs like above all over the state.  Although they still do a lot of drilling it is not as much as it use to be.  Still this state plays a large part of the oil and gas industry.  I don't know of anyone who would not allow drilling to be done on their property because they do a great job of being very good at conserving the land around it.  Also the money dividends aren't overlooked, lol..  They also maintain the sites and roads that they use so it doesn't effect the owner.  Pipelines are well marked too.  So a hugh part of the states industry also effects it's rural people as it does those that live in the cities and towns throughout the state.
     Will have more to share next thrusday on the rural life here where I live.  If you would like to join the Rural Thursday group.  Please join Here at my friend Nancy's blog.  Till next time.....

     Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quickly
     you can hardly catch it going.
                                                                                     -- Tennessee Williams

Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A free Day

     Seems that I have the day free from picking up Preston.  His dad is working the day shift today and will be able to pick him up from school.  So what to do with this free day.  Well I need to vacuum the kitchen and den and I found a perfect size box to house Curly's toys so they won't be scatterd all over the floor, or at least for awhile before he starts taking them out to play with. lol...  I didn't sleep well, waking up about 3:30am this morning.  So I'm sure a nice long nap is in the works too. 
     When going to pick up Preston yesterday I was able to get a few pictures to share.  This is Jenny, our horse.  She was standing right at the cattle guard where we go off the property.  I continually pray that she doesn't discover how to get across it, both her or the cattle as I'd be unable to get them back in.  When JD is at work there is no one that could help so they would be left free to wander until he got off and could round them up.  It's happened before and they usually don't wander far off, which is a blessing. 

Jenny is pretty tubby, but it's because no one rides her and she is free to eat, eat, eat.  lol

She is very gentle and came right up to my window in hopes of a treat, I need to start
carrying some sugar cubes in the car to give her.  She loves her nose to be rubbed.

The road going up to our house,  Trees are sparse here in the country,  Most farms have patches of tree groves here and there, but most the last is for grazing or planting.  I miss having lots of trees around. 

One terrace in the east field has a lot of yellow wild flowers blooming.  They won't be there long so am glad I got a picture of them.  Not many flowers are around, just grass and weeds that the cattle like to eat, and Jenny too. 

     Will share more.  Saw several old barns and houses along the road to the school that I want to get pictures of.  Where we live in the mid area of Oklahoma is the beginning of the plains.  It's hilly as you can see and the farmers plow the land in terraces to keep the soil from blowing and running off.  It's so much different than eastern Oklahoma where the country is loaded with lots of trees.  In the fall it's really pretty to drive over in that part of the state.  The towns also have a lot of  trees for beauty and shade.  It's those of us who live in the country that have rather a bland look of the land.  But the wheat and cattle that is raised are very important to the people and our country.  JD's grandpa was a dairy farmer and a lot of the farms around us where the same, but many have shut down due to the larger dairy conglomerates that do most of the milking.  The huge dairy farm around here is Braum's.  The produce milk and many other milk product and sell them in stores.  They also have fast food stores that sell their ice cream and all kind of food from hamburgers to chicken.  I particularly like their breakfast items.  Biscuits with bacon, egg cheese, also sausage biscuits or biscuits and gravy.  It's nice but kind of a shame that they put the small dairy farmers out of business.  We have 80 acres here and we mostly run a few head of cattle.  JD would love to be able to do more, but it's not big enough to make a living off of and working a full time job, doesn't give him any time to do anything else.  The farm was 160 acres at one time, but when Grandpa died it went to JD's mom and her brother who got the other 80 acres and it was sold to the farmer just north of us when his uncle died.  JD is to inherit the farm and the buildings when his mom passes, as his dad passed away last year.  What we will do is yet to be determined, but the family, all the kids want to keep the farm in the family.  So it will pass on to our children when we die.  I pray that will be some time in the far future. *smiles* 
     So that is a bit of history of our home I'm glad to share with you.  I will share more pictures as I get them taken.  I do re size the pictures to post, I hope they are big enough so you can see them well enough.  If they need to be bigger I would appreciate someone telling me and I'll try to make them bigger while keeping within the confines of the page. 
    I hope you have a great day.  Till next time......

                                Happiness depends upon ourselves.
                                                                  -- Aristotle

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After school pick up

     Today and tomorrow I am picking Preston up from school and keeping him till Emily gets off work.  Which means I have the car for the day.  I took a short drive this morning and got some pictures to share later.  A fellow blogger lives rurally like I do and loves to take pictures of her area and rural things to share.  She is sharing pictures of old barns right now.  There are many around here that I hope to get pictures of to share along with her.  If you want to get technical I suppose we are called a ranch since we have cattle and raise a few over the years.  We also have one horse that JD bought in hopes the grandchildren would come to ride.  Well Madison has her own horse now that her other grand parents got her.  That leaves Preston who loves the horse but is scared to ride her right now.  We're in hopes that later on he'll want to.  Emily use to love to ride and we've always had a horse and at times more than one out here.  I would love to see her start riding again, but she is always so busy and has lots of things to do on the week-ends so she still never rides.  I told JD that Jenny, the horse's name thanks to Preston, lol  will get to where she won't let anyone ride her if she is not ridden.  Oh well, she has plenty of room to feed and roam so she is no trouble to keep. 
     I myself love horses and at one time years ago did a bit of riding myself.  My sister in law had a horse we kept out here and she was so gentle that she was the one I rode a lot for a few years.  I never became good at riding and I didn't mind just walking slowly along and enjoying being out on Star.  I would of loved to have galloped or run her, but in truth I was always to afraid.  Being raised a city girl, I never was brave enough to do much when riding.  JD had a cousin who lived with us for awhile and then here in town, so she bought her own horse.  We use to love to talk and dream about setting up a place out here to stable horses, but it really wasn't possible.  It was just one of those fun dreams to talk about and wish for.  I went back to work once both kids were in school and there was never time to even dream about it.  My love of horses remains though and I love seeing movies or pictures of this awesome creature.  A recent movie about a horse that I highly recommend is "War Horse"  it's a beautiful filmed movie about a horse, his owner and what they both go through during WWI when his horse was commandeered for the army.  Very moving and thank goodness with a happy ending.  lol.  That is all I'll give away for those who haven't seen it.
     Well I have some chores to do before I go get Preston, and I want to make some blog visits too.  Till next time....

          It was only a sunny smile.
          And little it cost in the giving.
          But like morning light, it scattered the night,
          And made the day worth living.

Love and Hugs,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Beginning Monday

My Entry
April 23rd, 2012

Outside my window......The Sky is Blue and the Sun is shining!!

I am thinking...How it is such a beautiful day and I am sitting here wishing there was something special to do

I am thankful....That I am alive and living another day.

In the Kitchen.....I need to clean up the counters today.

I am wearing..... A navy blue summer dress that is new and not exactly what I expected, but will do.

I am creating.....a new beautiful shawl

I am where today.  Rest of the week will be busy picking up Preston after school and Thurs. a doctor's appt. for me.

I am wondering....about nothing in particular

I am reading..... no book at this time, need to find a book to read, any suggestions would be helpful from my friends?

I am hoping....That our country comes around finally to some good common sense and start to work out some of the country's biggest problems.

I am looking forward visiting my blog friends.

I am learning....To be more patient.

Around the house....Curly's toys are to be found everywhere!!

I am pondering.....What I was thinking when agreeing to get a puppy again, lol

A favorite quote for today.....Books and Friends should be few, but good.  -anon-

One of my favorite things.....Looking over past pictures and tapes of my children as they grew up.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Keeping Preston occupied when he comes here after school and a chance to talk to my doctor about a few things on my mind.

A peek into my day....Would be watching me enjoy the computer and watching some good old past shows on tv, ie: The Waltons, Golden Girls, etc...

If you want to join us for the Simple Woman's DayBook please go HERE 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Week-end

     Our week-ends are usually quiet here.  JD works all day on Saturday and half a day on Sundays.  Tomorrow though will be busy.  Emily is coming out with Preston, we will be cleaning out the living room (lots of old baby toys of Preston's) and her old bedroom.  She was given a Single bed and we are going to set it up for when Preston comes to spend the nights.  Right now we bought a camping cot for him to sleep on.  I doubt he sleeps in the bedroom, lol  he likes to fall asleep with the tv on and then I turn it off and go to bed myself.  We'll see as it took Emily a long time before she adjusted to sleeping in her room when growing up.  She would wake up scared and come into our room and lay down on a pallet next to my side of the bed.  This went on for a good year, maybe more before she sleep all night in her own room.  Besides sleeping in a new place can be a bit scary at times especially for a child. 
     Went to blogthings to check out some of the quizzes,  I couldn't find to many I was interested in.  I did take the one that told me what foreign language I should learn and it came out I should learn Japanese!  Odd that is one country I have no interest in visiting.  My dream place to travel would be New Zealand or Australia.  I really am sure I would love the people, the country and the culture.  I also would like to travel around Europe and see some of the wonderful sites that I have seen in pictures and read about.  That kind of travel though is something we will never be able to afford.  But I do enjoy the Travel channel and the National Geographic channels to see all the beautiful countries that they visit.  You have to admit that movies and tv had been able to bring a lot to us especially in seeing and viewing the amazing sites around the world. 
     Not much else to chatter about this time.  I found a couple of blog friends and some new since I came back to blogging.  I am so grateful for the new friendships.  It has made me very happy as as it says in the Psalms......"The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days."  Till next time.....

Love and Hugs..

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Legend of my Time

     In the words of Barry Manilow, from ET, "I can't believe Dick Clark is dead".  When I heard it I echoed the very same words.  Ever since I can remember Dick Clark has been a big part of my life.  Bandstand was the in show during the 50"s and my pre-teens.  I have been a big fan and watched it all through the years until it ended.  I cried when it ended to as it was like losing a best friend.  I have loved to dance every since I was little, took dancing classes all my young life until I graduated from high school.  I remember vividly the afternoons and evenings spent with my girl friends going over the dances we saw on bandstand learning every move so we could do them as well.  The only downside was I was always the boy in learning the dances so when it came time to actually dance with a boy I often tried to lead, lol.
     I have been watching all the entertainment news shows and I think to myself, gosh I've seen everyone of the stars he highlighted on his show even the first one, Jerry Lee Lewis.  If that doesn't age me, then nothing does.  I too always thought of him as the youngest teenager and that he never would age!  I guess the first time I finally admitted that he was old was the first time I saw him after his stroke.  You also realize your humanity when all the people you knew either personally or famous have died.  The music I grew up with is so much different than what is playing now, yet Dick Clark was able to help me appreciate all the changes and styles.  I pray he is in total peace now, playing the turn tables of God for God's glory!  Rest in peace my dear friend of many many years.

     Very little has been happening in my world.  I had Preston several days this week as his Daddy started a new job working nights and so we would pick him up.  While here I have downloaded many google apps of games for him to play so he pretty much takes over my computer while he is here. *smiles*  That is ok.  Then a game I play on Facebook takes up quite a bit of my time to play and catch up on it every day.  Then there is my old excuse, I have nothing to write about of interest everyday.  So I was reading this blog I enjoy That gave a list of things to blog about.  I copied and made a file of the list in order to hopefully use it.  I also want to start participating the the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Since most of the blogs I know post theirs on Monday's I will probably do the same, although I won't start a separate blog for it.  I'll will continue to post here.  So I will be posting more and I have set it to be the first thing I do when I get up and woken up for the day.  So that about covers's it for this time.  Till next time I found this proverb I enjoyed and will share for today.

     Wood may remain ten years in the water,  but it will never become a crocodile. lol
                                                                                     -- Congolese proverb

Love and Hugs!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stormy Week-end

     Not much to post about since my last one.  We were in a very Tornado storm watch week-end and so I didn't even get online to much due to that lighting, thunder and hail.  We had some pretty good hits of the rain and such, but luckily no tornado's here.  The town that was hit the worst and on TV news was Woodward, Ok.   It is way up in the Northwest part of the state and not far from the start of the panhandle.  I'm very familiar with Woodward as when we live in Seiling we were only about 30+ miles away from it.  We did a lot of our shopping up there as Seiling was pretty small and not many stores to choose from.  While we lived their our neighbor and friend who built our house for us also opened up a second grocery store.  We thought we were big time then. lol. 
     My memories of the years we lived up in the northwest part of the state are nothing but great ones.  I made many good friends there and we also had our first and only built for us home there.  Also both of my children, Cliff and Emily, were born in the small hospital there.  I loved my doctor and the nursing staff so much.  It also is the place where I Began my nursing career in medicine as a nurse aide at the local nursing home.  It was were I learned my calling for elder care nursing.  I did go on to become a licensed practical nurse, but never made it to get my RN, which I had always hoped to get.  I was happy with where my career went and have no regrets, except I wish they would of had more of the newer ways to lift and care for the elderly so I wouldn't be in the shape I am now.  Knees blown out and a back that can never be repaired to be normal again.  I truly have no regrets though, I am receiving disability and I am still able to walk a little though not far and that is what counts.  I truly hope that I never had to be in a wheel chair, but if it happens I know it was meant to be.  At 64 I have no desire to face a lot of surgeries that may or may not work or help.  God will direct my path and I know with faith that I'll have a good and happy life ahead.
     While the storms were about I watched TV when it was on and worked on my crocheting.  So that is how my world turned over the week-end.  I hope you all had a great week-end and were safe.  Till next time think on this.......

      A flower falls even though we love it.
      A weed grows eve though we don't love it.

Love and Hugs!