Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After school pick up

     Today and tomorrow I am picking Preston up from school and keeping him till Emily gets off work.  Which means I have the car for the day.  I took a short drive this morning and got some pictures to share later.  A fellow blogger lives rurally like I do and loves to take pictures of her area and rural things to share.  She is sharing pictures of old barns right now.  There are many around here that I hope to get pictures of to share along with her.  If you want to get technical I suppose we are called a ranch since we have cattle and raise a few over the years.  We also have one horse that JD bought in hopes the grandchildren would come to ride.  Well Madison has her own horse now that her other grand parents got her.  That leaves Preston who loves the horse but is scared to ride her right now.  We're in hopes that later on he'll want to.  Emily use to love to ride and we've always had a horse and at times more than one out here.  I would love to see her start riding again, but she is always so busy and has lots of things to do on the week-ends so she still never rides.  I told JD that Jenny, the horse's name thanks to Preston, lol  will get to where she won't let anyone ride her if she is not ridden.  Oh well, she has plenty of room to feed and roam so she is no trouble to keep. 
     I myself love horses and at one time years ago did a bit of riding myself.  My sister in law had a horse we kept out here and she was so gentle that she was the one I rode a lot for a few years.  I never became good at riding and I didn't mind just walking slowly along and enjoying being out on Star.  I would of loved to have galloped or run her, but in truth I was always to afraid.  Being raised a city girl, I never was brave enough to do much when riding.  JD had a cousin who lived with us for awhile and then here in town, so she bought her own horse.  We use to love to talk and dream about setting up a place out here to stable horses, but it really wasn't possible.  It was just one of those fun dreams to talk about and wish for.  I went back to work once both kids were in school and there was never time to even dream about it.  My love of horses remains though and I love seeing movies or pictures of this awesome creature.  A recent movie about a horse that I highly recommend is "War Horse"  it's a beautiful filmed movie about a horse, his owner and what they both go through during WWI when his horse was commandeered for the army.  Very moving and thank goodness with a happy ending.  lol.  That is all I'll give away for those who haven't seen it.
     Well I have some chores to do before I go get Preston, and I want to make some blog visits too.  Till next time....

          It was only a sunny smile.
          And little it cost in the giving.
          But like morning light, it scattered the night,
          And made the day worth living.

Love and Hugs,


  1. Hi Nanzce,
    I have always loved horses not so much to ride on it also kind of scares me. I got tossed off once on a poor horse in Mexico all he wanted to do was go back to the stable poor thing must of been tired. They are such beautiful creatures. Hope you enjoy picking up Preston and look forward to the pictures you take. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Nancze, I love horses and would like to be able to ride I'm afraid I couldn't get up into the saddle, lol. No galloping please! *hugs*

  3. I love horses and although we have plenty of land to have one, there's just not enough time in the day to care for it -- I'm glad you had the opportunity to ride in your past. It must be a great feeling.