Friday, April 20, 2012

A Legend of my Time

     In the words of Barry Manilow, from ET, "I can't believe Dick Clark is dead".  When I heard it I echoed the very same words.  Ever since I can remember Dick Clark has been a big part of my life.  Bandstand was the in show during the 50"s and my pre-teens.  I have been a big fan and watched it all through the years until it ended.  I cried when it ended to as it was like losing a best friend.  I have loved to dance every since I was little, took dancing classes all my young life until I graduated from high school.  I remember vividly the afternoons and evenings spent with my girl friends going over the dances we saw on bandstand learning every move so we could do them as well.  The only downside was I was always the boy in learning the dances so when it came time to actually dance with a boy I often tried to lead, lol.
     I have been watching all the entertainment news shows and I think to myself, gosh I've seen everyone of the stars he highlighted on his show even the first one, Jerry Lee Lewis.  If that doesn't age me, then nothing does.  I too always thought of him as the youngest teenager and that he never would age!  I guess the first time I finally admitted that he was old was the first time I saw him after his stroke.  You also realize your humanity when all the people you knew either personally or famous have died.  The music I grew up with is so much different than what is playing now, yet Dick Clark was able to help me appreciate all the changes and styles.  I pray he is in total peace now, playing the turn tables of God for God's glory!  Rest in peace my dear friend of many many years.

     Very little has been happening in my world.  I had Preston several days this week as his Daddy started a new job working nights and so we would pick him up.  While here I have downloaded many google apps of games for him to play so he pretty much takes over my computer while he is here. *smiles*  That is ok.  Then a game I play on Facebook takes up quite a bit of my time to play and catch up on it every day.  Then there is my old excuse, I have nothing to write about of interest everyday.  So I was reading this blog I enjoy That gave a list of things to blog about.  I copied and made a file of the list in order to hopefully use it.  I also want to start participating the the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Since most of the blogs I know post theirs on Monday's I will probably do the same, although I won't start a separate blog for it.  I'll will continue to post here.  So I will be posting more and I have set it to be the first thing I do when I get up and woken up for the day.  So that about covers's it for this time.  Till next time I found this proverb I enjoyed and will share for today.

     Wood may remain ten years in the water,  but it will never become a crocodile. lol
                                                                                     -- Congolese proverb

Love and Hugs!!!


  1. Unbelievable!! Like you, my teen years were spent watching Bandstand. Totally loved that show. Another great passes away!

  2. Hey Nancze! I DO remember you of course ;-) Glad to "see" you again and visit your blog. Thanks for popping over to mine for a quick sip of lemonade ;-)

    I'll be "following" you now... so I'll be back... and I too was sad to hear of Dick's passing, although I don't remember American Bandstand per say... only what I've seen after the fact ;-)

    Have a great weekend! Hugs :-)

  3. Hi Nancze Sorry about the comments on my blog.It seemed to be a plugin clashing.Thanks for taking the time to stop by.Have a great weekend!
    Hugs Kaye :-)