Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ok I finally figured out how to add some photos to my blog.  Above are the lights of my life.  *smiles*  Preston, who is 7, is my Daughter's son Emily and his Dad is Michael.  Just below you see Eli, who is 4, and Madison, who is 7.  They are my son's, Cliff, children and their mom is Valarie.  Emily is expecting Sept 22 and giving Preston a brother or sister.  Emily does ask for prayers for a good pregnancy and not to have twins,  lol.  They run on both sides of the famly.  I think if there were 2 beautiful and healthy babies she will be able to handle it.  *smiles*

I have been kind of debating on whether I should post at night for the previous day, as I do tend to find myself awake alot late at night, or I wake up in the night and usually sit up for while.  Or blog in the mornings.  It's hard to decide since I usually do both.  I just want to find the most effective time. 

I did get out today and ventured into town to have lunch with my daughter.  We ate at the local Pizza Hut.  I usually go there since I don't get out that often and I love pizza and don't get it often enough.  I don't need it though, all those calories, but it's so rare I don't think it really hurts and it doesn't seem to effect my diabetes.  It was beautiful today, I don't know if it made it to the 70's but I am sure it was close.  Tomorrow is suppose to be a pretty day too.  If someone is at the animal shelter I plan to have my hubby take me down there to see about fostering a cat.  I need a good mouser,  lol  my luck though it won't hunt them.  I hope so.  They have been bad this year. 

Tonight Survivor was on.  The girls finally won both challenges and didn't have to go to council finally.  It's really boosted their moral and they needed it.  They had some really nasty storms tonight too.  The guys have a tarp so they invited the girls to join them.  They guys also give them fire often.  They are getting a bit tired though of giving the girls so much and getting nothing back.  But not sure what the girls have the guys need except maybe a cook,  lol  It has been interesting that both camps are close on the same beach.  I'm not as into this time as I usually am.  Can't decide who I like the most.  The gals haven't been getting along to well.  It's a curse I think when you try to get a group of woment together and not have some kind of conflict.  I wonder if it's in the female gene to mistrust other women,  lol... 

I added a link to my dear friend Vicki,  if you love to write, or would like to improve your writing skills, or just need some inspiration you need to visit her blog.  I love to visit and read all the information and inspiring quotes from great writers.  I'm not the best in the world when it comes to writing. but I would love to learn more and give it a real go one day.  Who knows

Well that is how my world turned yesterday.  I hope today is a blessing to you and thank you to my sweet blogging friends who have been visiting.  I truly love to hear from you and love to visit.  Take care...

Love and Hugs  Nancze 

Happy Leap Year Day!

    Or however it should be said, lol..   I did not even realize it was a leap year until this morning.  Oh well, what's one more day to the usual cycle of things, right?  I appreciate how Darylynn put all the new stars with their partners on the new season of DWTS.  I still am not greatly impressed but like her I am glad to see the pros return.  I'm sure I'll watch, just not sure how much.  Last season I usually watched the night of when someone went home.  It kepted me up pretty well.  I also recorded alot of it too so I didn't miss anything of other interest to me. :-) 
     How sad that Branson was so badly hit with Tornado's last night.  Many places on the strip damaged and old downtown.  but they will rebuild.  My prayers for the families who lost loved ones.  I have a sister in law that lives in a town just right next to Branson and she works out of Branson.  I am hoping that they are ok and their home.  I believe so from what I can gather on the news.  Another town in Kansas was hit badly too.  I really hate Spring due to the tornado season.  They are so destructive not just with property, but with lives.  I have noticed the increasing number of states that have had tornado's hit that are not usually targets of this type of weather.  It seems to be increasing all over.  I've always lived in areas that are part of what is called Tornado Alley, but seems they can hit anywhere.  You do learn to be very respectiful of them and the warnings.  We've been experiencing alot of earthquakes here in Oklahoma too.  I believe the only thing we might be safe from here is a Tsunami, but probably shouldn't totally rule it out. :-)
     I hope everyone is saying prayers so that Syria will allow those killed reporters to be allowed to come home for a proper burial.  Also to let go those two who are injured.  We gave Bin Laden a proper burial according to his faith.  I don't understand those countries.  Why they have no regard for anyone else but themselves.  I keep hearing that all islamic people are not like that, in fact the majority are are good law abiding.  This is suspect is true.  It's just that their govts. sure are fanatical, but maybe ours is to them.  I don't know.  I just don't understand having no repect for others or human life.  I know God has it all in control.  I just can't help but express how I don't understand. 
     Well I kept the car today and hope to get out for a bit this afternoon.  It is suppose to reach the 70's today.  Not a day to just sit in the house for sure.  Hope you all have a good one. 

Love and Hugs.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Sun Peeked out!

      Rain was predicted yesterday and today and all day yesterday it was cloudy and rainy looking as it was today right up till Sunday down when the Sun did shine a bit through some open spaces in the clouds.  It was spring temps too.  I just know another cold spell has to hit, but maybe I'll luck out and it won't. hahaha...  Tomorrow it is suppose to reach into the 70's, wow I am keeping the car tomorrow and taking a ride.  Of course The Oklahoma wind is blowing like crazy.  Rodgers and Hammerstein really nailed this state in their song Oklahoma.  The winds do sweep down the plains.  In fact a couple of days we had quite the dust storms.  I would hope that we would never see it as bad as it was in the dust bowl days.  I pray that we don't, though sometimes I wonder when they are plowing all around here getting ready to plant and it's been pretty dry over the past few years. 
     Not much going on today.  I actually napped a couple of times.  I need to work on some crocheting or see about a good book to start reading.  I rediscovered my photobucket account and have all my cute little Sadie girl graphics I would like to use, but am not sure where to link them back to.  If anyone can tell me would be appreciated.  I know she has a craft blog here on blogspot, but am not sure she does graphics anymore.  I'd really like to use my weekday and weather ones.   Till next time.

Love and Hugs,

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Oscar Dish

     I taped the Oscars and the 3 hour red carpet show on E in hopes I would get to see all the gowns.  I was kind of disappointed this year as the whole Oscar Affair just seemed to lack something for me.  Most of the gowns were so lovely that for me it's hard to pick just one.  Jane Seymore was in this awesome red dress and Cameron Diaz's and Jlo's were very pretty too.  But one I really like was a white silver worn by Guillanna Ranci the hostess of E news.  I loved the spray like design on the shoulders and just the all over shape.  Of course nothings really elegant would look good on me,  lol...  Being over weight, well clothes just are not flattering unless it's a MooMoo. *smiles*  As far as actresses and their clothes, I have always wondered how many actually use a stylist.  4 appeared on the E news red carpet special, there was this panel of a stylist, actress, Guillianna and Kelly Osbourne, discussing the different gowns.  And those that use a stylist, I think good heavens what do they make!!  lol  They must charge quite a bit from what I can tell, and they never have to buy the clothes,  All the fabulous dresses are on loan! I always though for years that the actresses bought them.  Well maybe some do, but I bet the majority don't.  I bet the main reason they are always asked who are they wearing is for advertisement,  lol....
     The show itself was pretty good.  I liked that Billy Crystal was the host again.  Funny but with good taste.  I doubt I ever see the movie that won "The Artist"  and though it might be very excellent, I would of preferred seeing "The Help" get the recognition it truly deserved.  I was upset that Viola Davis did not win best Actresses.  She really deserved it.  Meryl is a great actress but the role of Abileen was much more......,  oh I can't think of the words I want to say.  Margaret Thatcher was a great woman in an age where women were not suppose to be as important in the world of politics as men.  Yet Abileen was a woman who had much more to overcome in my opinion.  And Ms Davis's portrayal was so compassionate and beautifully done.
    Many of the movie's that were nominated I have not seen.  I want very much to see "The War Horse", "Hugo" and "The Descendants"  I usually have to wait till they come out on DVD before I see them though as I rarely go to the movie theater anymore. 
    As for the rest of my Sunday, my world turned rather slowly.  I napped a bit and over all just didn't feel all that good.  I'm so happy to see several ole blogging friends finding me.  I so enjoy visiting them and seeing what they are doing.  One is getting to go on a trip to Hawaii!!  I'm so excited for her and a bit jealous.  I would love a trip to the islands and just spend all my time lying on the beach and enjoying the ocean.  Well till tomorrow.  take care and I send...

Love and Hugs

Saturday, February 25, 2012


     I was able to get outside for awhile yesterday evening.  Emily stayed for a bit when she came to pick up Preston.  We Pick him up from school on Friday's, well actually JD does as Friday is one of his days off.  She and her Dad got his 22 hand gun and did some practice shooting.  JD had a plastic BB hand gun that he was teaching Preston with, but he just wasn't able to remember some of the basic gun rules like don't point at anyone, don't run with the gun and don't throw it.  So I think he'll just stay with Grammie and observe for awhile longer, until he gets how to behave with a gun down pat.  JD, Emily and my son Cliff all like to do shooting.  Cliff being a policeman is well versed in gun etiquette.  I am not interested so don't shoot with them.  It's rather rare to do it too because of the cost of ammunition.  
     It was cool with the wind, but I had a hooded jacket on and sat in the sun, so wasn't to cold.  It was nice just to be out in the fresh air.  I was getting up from this metal bench I was sitting on and turned catching my foot on the side of the bench and fell.  I hit my right leg and cheek and messed up my glasses again.  Em and her Dad got me up easily enough, but I just get very unstable at times and worry about falling.  Luckily I didn't break anything and am just sore all over, especially my right upper leg, which I think is going to bruise up.  I got my glasses straightened out too, thank goodness.  I didn't use my walker going out, but it wouldn't of made a difference if I had had it there or not.  Just a clumsy accident. 
    I got a list of some friends blog from another friend.  i hope to get started visiting and they me.  I have a lot of former blog friends on FB so I posted a status feed telling my friends that I am back.  I hope to hear from some of them over time. 
     Being sore I am not doing much today.  Spending time on the computer.  There is just so little of interest to watch on tv on the week-ends and to be honest it's not much better  during the week.  Just to many reruns of old shows that I like, but you can only watch old reruns just so much.  After a while it's just doesn't hold your interest.  You'd think with having direct tv with all those channels you'd just having a never ending list of things to watch.  Funny I guess I am just to picky.  JD loves the History channel and watches it the most. Anything military or with guns too.  
    Guess I'll go make some visits then take a nap.  I don't sleep to well most nights and I've kind of gotten into the habit of napping every day since I quit work, lol... Hope your day is going well. 

Love and Hugs

Friday, February 24, 2012

Where is Winter

          I am not a winter person, in fact I've been thrilled that the winters here are more often mild than severe, but we have had some cold ones over the years.  It seems more and more though that the seasons have not been the same as they use to be.  In fact to me Spring is very short as is Fall.  What is your opinion? 
     It is suppose to be a balmy 55 out this afternoon and if the wind will stay down I look forward to spending a bit of time sitting outside and enjoying some fresh air.  I've always wished I could garden (flowers, etc.) but I just don't have a green thumb at all and the few times I tried, well either the dog tore up the beds or the cows do.  JD just lets them wander all over and they will tear into anything.  My biggest disappointment with them though, was when I put out a bird feeder.  I was so excited, looking forward to watching the birds enjoy it when not long after I put it up I saw a cow out there batting the H out of it to eat the seed!!!  Needless to say it didn't last or stay up very long at all.  :-(  So I just enjoy the view and dream of a home with a maid and a gardener,  lol.....
     This day 3 of 4 days JD is off from work.  I really kind of dread when he retires,  lol... He gets on my computer and plays spider solitaire for hours or just spends time googling different things he is interested in.  Takes up my computer time, but thank goodness for my wonderful daughter.  For my birthday this year she got me a 3G iphone and my son got a nice cover for it.  Now at least I can keep up with my FB friends and play my favorite game Words with Friends without needing to be on the PC.
     Watched the movie "The Kings Speech" this morning.  I adore Colin Firth and this was such an awesome movie.  I have the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice which I just can watch again and again and again.  Also the movie Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson.  JD will keep going around repeating Ms Dashwood, the whole spill.  It is so comical.  But Any Jane Austen movie and book are worth repeating as often as one wants.
     My online Tech stopped by today.  It is a problem with the tower which I was pretty sure it was, but now it seems to be working like a jewel.  Would love to get and ipad or something like it, maybe the Kindle Fire since Emily hooked me up to a wireless router.  Maybe someday.  I hope the Fire comes down in price more this year so maybe by Christmas, you think?     lol
    Well that is what is spinning around in my world for the day,  hope yours is going well.  Will be glad when the election gets here and all this stuff on tv news can be over for a bit.  I'm so tired of listening to it all.  Things in the middle east are really heating up.  I sure wonder often what is going to happen next.  Have a great day. 

Love and Hugs,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have returned....

     I have returned to the blogging world.  While thinking of a blog title I really tried to be creative and I immediately thought of the soap show As the World Turns.  lol  I thought why not As My World Turns for a title.  I don't have as much if any real drama as you would find on a soap opera, but my world does turn even without my effort.  I also have a friend who is still blogging that I would like to visit and I would hope that she will come back and visit me along with others I have a blog friendship with over the years.
     Alot has happened since I more or less quit blogging so a short catch up I guess is due.  I am fully retired from nursing now and am on disability.  All those years of pounding those concrete floors and lifting adult patients have taken it's toll on me.  My back is fully shot, but I choose not to have any kind of surgery.  I have seen up close all the pain and redoing of surgeries that people I know have gone through.  I just deal with the pain as best I can with some help from pain medication.  I do have to use a walker now and one with a seat as I can't stand for any real length of time.  So I don't get out that much.  Also my jeep, rest it's soul, gave out, and it needs a new transmission.  That's just to expensive to fix.  So hubby uses the car, but if I want it he can take his pick up to work.  Mostly I stay home.  Just don't have that many places to go. 
     I watch alot of movies, thank goodness for  lol  and I also recieved a kindle from my wonderful daughter so I read alot.  I want to start crocheting again too.  I have plenty of things I can do to keep busy I suppose, but I do miss contact with people.  Sometimes I get really depressed about it.  I did try to visit with a friend or two now and then, but everyone's life is so busy.  So most of my time is spent pursuing my hobbies here at home. 
     Hubby and I have been on some real vacations too the past couple of years.  We spent a week at a hotel on the beach in Corpus Christi a couple of years ago and year before last we went to the Grand Canyon.  JD has always wanted to see it and he really had a great time!  Of course it rained on us the whole time and we even were almost in a tornado that hit outside of Flagstaff!  It was an exciting trip, lol.  Last year though we took the week and spent it visiting my best friend who lives right outside Nashville.  It was the best week ever for me.  I sure miss her so much.  I know we'll go back.
     I don't forsee a vacation this year because my daughter is going to have her second child, which will be due around the end of Sept. or in Oct.  Her son and my adorable grandson Preston will be 7 this april.  He is so excited and wants a brother and a sister,  lol.  He may get his wish as twins run on both sides of the families!  But both Emily and I are praying for just one healthy baby, boy or girl. *smile*  My grandchildren are the light of my life.  Cliff and Valarie's two are really growning!  Madison is 7 and Eli is 4 soon to be 5 in June.   I will try and post recent pictures soon. 
     I still have Buddy my little black and  tan Doxie.  He is 8 now and had problems with his back this year.  We had to confine him for about 6 weeks and though he can walk again he can't jump up, sit up and walks sideways at times.  Well actually all the time, lol  He'll be running and his back-end will swing to one side or the other so you can see he is still weak.  But he gets around well, eats everything in site,  still will chew up tissue and paper when he can get ahold of it.  But he is just a stubborn little ole man now.  lol
     well that's about it for this post.  I'll try and post really often.  I don't know about every day, but I think it would be fun to get back to frequent blogging.  I just thank and praise God for everyday I am given.  Hope to see some of my ole friends stopping by again. 

Love and Hugs from Oklahoma!