Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A free Day

     Seems that I have the day free from picking up Preston.  His dad is working the day shift today and will be able to pick him up from school.  So what to do with this free day.  Well I need to vacuum the kitchen and den and I found a perfect size box to house Curly's toys so they won't be scatterd all over the floor, or at least for awhile before he starts taking them out to play with. lol...  I didn't sleep well, waking up about 3:30am this morning.  So I'm sure a nice long nap is in the works too. 
     When going to pick up Preston yesterday I was able to get a few pictures to share.  This is Jenny, our horse.  She was standing right at the cattle guard where we go off the property.  I continually pray that she doesn't discover how to get across it, both her or the cattle as I'd be unable to get them back in.  When JD is at work there is no one that could help so they would be left free to wander until he got off and could round them up.  It's happened before and they usually don't wander far off, which is a blessing. 

Jenny is pretty tubby, but it's because no one rides her and she is free to eat, eat, eat.  lol

She is very gentle and came right up to my window in hopes of a treat, I need to start
carrying some sugar cubes in the car to give her.  She loves her nose to be rubbed.

The road going up to our house,  Trees are sparse here in the country,  Most farms have patches of tree groves here and there, but most the last is for grazing or planting.  I miss having lots of trees around. 

One terrace in the east field has a lot of yellow wild flowers blooming.  They won't be there long so am glad I got a picture of them.  Not many flowers are around, just grass and weeds that the cattle like to eat, and Jenny too. 

     Will share more.  Saw several old barns and houses along the road to the school that I want to get pictures of.  Where we live in the mid area of Oklahoma is the beginning of the plains.  It's hilly as you can see and the farmers plow the land in terraces to keep the soil from blowing and running off.  It's so much different than eastern Oklahoma where the country is loaded with lots of trees.  In the fall it's really pretty to drive over in that part of the state.  The towns also have a lot of  trees for beauty and shade.  It's those of us who live in the country that have rather a bland look of the land.  But the wheat and cattle that is raised are very important to the people and our country.  JD's grandpa was a dairy farmer and a lot of the farms around us where the same, but many have shut down due to the larger dairy conglomerates that do most of the milking.  The huge dairy farm around here is Braum's.  The produce milk and many other milk product and sell them in stores.  They also have fast food stores that sell their ice cream and all kind of food from hamburgers to chicken.  I particularly like their breakfast items.  Biscuits with bacon, egg cheese, also sausage biscuits or biscuits and gravy.  It's nice but kind of a shame that they put the small dairy farmers out of business.  We have 80 acres here and we mostly run a few head of cattle.  JD would love to be able to do more, but it's not big enough to make a living off of and working a full time job, doesn't give him any time to do anything else.  The farm was 160 acres at one time, but when Grandpa died it went to JD's mom and her brother who got the other 80 acres and it was sold to the farmer just north of us when his uncle died.  JD is to inherit the farm and the buildings when his mom passes, as his dad passed away last year.  What we will do is yet to be determined, but the family, all the kids want to keep the farm in the family.  So it will pass on to our children when we die.  I pray that will be some time in the far future. *smiles* 
     So that is a bit of history of our home I'm glad to share with you.  I will share more pictures as I get them taken.  I do re size the pictures to post, I hope they are big enough so you can see them well enough.  If they need to be bigger I would appreciate someone telling me and I'll try to make them bigger while keeping within the confines of the page. 
    I hope you have a great day.  Till next time......

                                Happiness depends upon ourselves.
                                                                  -- Aristotle

Love and Hugs


  1. Hi Nancze!
    Happy Wednesday.Your horse is beautiful.I love watching them but I don't like riding one.Hope you have a great day and enjoy your free time.I always do.Take care and *Hugs*

  2. Hi Nancze!
    I *love* the new pics and Jenny is absolutely fabulous, how precious. The one of her peeking in the car window is my favorite lol. Such beautiful countryside there. Thank you so much for sharing them. Makes me want to jump into one and run through the meadows! Have a wonderful day. Lots of hugs xx

  3. Hi Nancze,
    I love Jenny she is so pretty :) The picture of her peaking in the car is so cute! Hope you have a nice nap today. Have a good rest of the day. Hugs, Dru

  4. Thanks for sharing Nancze! I didn't know you had a horse! She seems sweet... would she let someone ride her? My dad's family was/is from Oklahoma and I visited as a little girl. they had cows and chickens and lived in the country, too. there were also relatives that had a popular restaurant that served friend chicken and biscuits. :) Not sure what the name of the restaurant was but my dad's last name is Friar as is most of my relative's.