Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Week-end

     Our week-ends are usually quiet here.  JD works all day on Saturday and half a day on Sundays.  Tomorrow though will be busy.  Emily is coming out with Preston, we will be cleaning out the living room (lots of old baby toys of Preston's) and her old bedroom.  She was given a Single bed and we are going to set it up for when Preston comes to spend the nights.  Right now we bought a camping cot for him to sleep on.  I doubt he sleeps in the bedroom, lol  he likes to fall asleep with the tv on and then I turn it off and go to bed myself.  We'll see as it took Emily a long time before she adjusted to sleeping in her room when growing up.  She would wake up scared and come into our room and lay down on a pallet next to my side of the bed.  This went on for a good year, maybe more before she sleep all night in her own room.  Besides sleeping in a new place can be a bit scary at times especially for a child. 
     Went to blogthings to check out some of the quizzes,  I couldn't find to many I was interested in.  I did take the one that told me what foreign language I should learn and it came out I should learn Japanese!  Odd that is one country I have no interest in visiting.  My dream place to travel would be New Zealand or Australia.  I really am sure I would love the people, the country and the culture.  I also would like to travel around Europe and see some of the wonderful sites that I have seen in pictures and read about.  That kind of travel though is something we will never be able to afford.  But I do enjoy the Travel channel and the National Geographic channels to see all the beautiful countries that they visit.  You have to admit that movies and tv had been able to bring a lot to us especially in seeing and viewing the amazing sites around the world. 
     Not much else to chatter about this time.  I found a couple of blog friends and some new since I came back to blogging.  I am so grateful for the new friendships.  It has made me very happy as as it says in the Psalms......"The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days."  Till next time.....

Love and Hugs..


  1. I love watching those channels too!! I always figure that I know I can't visit everywhere in the world, so I might as well see it on the tv.

    I am so glad to be blogging again and having a chance to visit with my good ol' buddies :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Happy Sunday and happy Earth Day, Nancze! ♥
    I'd love to travel everywhere in the world! So many fab places to see. :) One of my cousin just got back from his honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia and loved it. I can't wait to see his pics! :D
    Enjoy your day!

  3. I do think I would like to visit Japan -- but like you, it's not in the budget! Wishing you a wonderful week, Nancze!

  4. Happy Monday Nancze and happy belated Earth Day. I too was never really interested in visiting the Orient. I always wanted to visit England and go back to Italy one day but I know I never will as my traveling days are over with.

    I think boys are a little different when it comes to their first time in their own room and bed. Hopefully it will be the same for Preston.

    Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. Hugs